Bye WordPress, Hello Ghost!

Bye WordPress, Hello Ghost!

My websites on WordPress are heavy, not that I made them heavy; they just are. They can do a lot of stuff but I don't need to do a lot of stuff, I still have to carry the burden. Then there are plugins, easy fixes for everything. Like drugs, you become addicted and dependent on them; some of them are updated, some break, some do extra things and some don't like other plugins. It gets bloated and out of control. It's like becoming a hoarder without consent and you'd have to live with it.

I needed a simple publishing platform where I can write a keep track of things. I do several projects and need to know where I am at. I don't care if people read my notes, I just need them for myself and I want the software to be as bare minimum as possible; therefore I chose Ghost.

The easiest way to run Ghost was from Digital Ocean. It's cheap ($5 a month) and runs beautifully. If you're interested, you this referral code to signup and get $100 credit (

How to Install Ghost Blogging platform and point your domain to Digital Ocean

How to activate Grammarly on Ghost

My English is so-s0, therefore I use Grammarly, but as of today (3/23/2021) Ghost doesn't support Grammarly. However, there's an easy fix courtesy of Kamran Ayub.